SAP Basis

System installation and configuration, system copy and refresh, system monitoring and troubleshooting , TMS configuration

SAP Solution manager

SOLMAN installation and configuration, configuration of CHARM, MOPZ and LMDB-SMSY, SOLMAN projects and phases


Your core business system now becomes your customer-facing commerce system with a customizable, customer-specific, pixel perfect experience.


System installation and configuration, version upgrade, system copy and refresh, system monitoring and troubleshooting

Quality commitment: rigor, reactivity, strict cost control and calendars … Avaxia is committed to the quality of services. The interventions are supervised by our project managers, who carry with you the main stage points, balance and satisfaction survey. Our quality policy contributes to the achievement of tangible results.

PMethods and tools proven:  continuously developed, our consultants, all seniors, make up a qualified and experienced multidisciplinary team that adapts methodologies of large groups to the specific context of companies.

In-service training: We strive to continually develop the expertise of our consultants through in-service education plans, a permanent cap on missions or formalized sharing of experiences between the team members (knowledge management).

Pragmatic support: Our consultants, used to intervene in complex organizational contexts, accompanying you in a Project Facilitation logic, always adopting a concrete and operational approach to ensure the best conditions for the success of missions.

 The business approach and close partnership:  our consultants draw on their knowledge of the business and your organization’s environment to bring you an operational consultancy and design solutions suited to your specificities.

 The success of our company: are largely related to the qualifications and personal investment of our collaborators, who know how to share their expertise, enthusiasm, motivation and values.

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